Consulting and Training Services

Packaging is crucial in bringing products to market effectively, safely, and sustainably. We can help.


Safety and Quality

Need help in getting a packaging certification that is recognized worldwide? We provide consulting services for the IFS PACsecure standard to assist you with training and implementing the requirements.


Our research services are related to packaging for both food and non-food products. Projects include market acceptance for innovations, competitive analyses, and market trends.

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How to Package Products 

We offer training sessions for agri-food programs, incubators, educational institutions, food processors, and product manufacturers. The training sessions include how to package products, packaging trends, sustainability, and safety.


Along with the training, we offer one-on-one coaching sessions tailored to meet the needs of specific product packaging according to the company's objectives.

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  • PAC Global Consulting

    Cheryl joins the PAC Global consulting team to meet the growing demand for companies adopting the Golden Design Rules for Plastic Packaging and packaging circularity. PAC Global created PIP360, a tool for companies to establish a baseline circularity score. Visit PAC Global to learn more....