Packaging Consultant

Packaging is critically important in bringing products to market effectively, safely, and sustainably. We can help.

Consulting Services

Packaging companies:
  • Achieve IFS PACsecure certification
  • Conduct market studies
  • Develop market strategies
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve productivity
Food processors and product manufacturers:
  • How to packaging products
  • Audit existing packaging

More on Consulting Services

How to Package Products

How to Package Products

We offer group training sessions for market accelerator programs on how to package products, and trends in packaging, sustainability, and safety.  

Our one-on-one virtual coaching sessions are tailored to meet the needs of specific product packaging.


Let's Talk Packaging

  • Packaging Safety – What You Need to Know

    COVID-19 Update The coronavirus has impacted how we view packaging, both from value and risk perspectives. Bulk and over the counter foods have disappeared in grocery stores, replaced by packaged foods. Food companies are scrambling to move into e-commerce sales and direct home deliveries, all of which require packaging. Restaurants...