IFS PACsecure Certification

Cheryl is a recognized IFS consultant for the IFS PACsecure packaging standard. The standard is recognized by GFSI and preferred by major corporations and independently owned packaging companies. The IFS advantage is that the standard is based on hazard analysis and risk assessment. This means the company can develop a product and process safety and quality management system tailored to its specific needs.

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Our market research applies to packaging-related projects. We conduct research for the food and beverage, consumer goods, and packaging industries. Our past projects include assessing the:

  • market for a sensor to detect food spoilage
  • microbrewery industry in British Columbia
  • wine industry in British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon
  • corrugated market in British Columbia
  • packaging industry in Jamaica to determine the need for lab testing
  • market readiness for new technology to replace poly coating on paper
  • packaging alternatives for home delivery meal kits

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