Brand Owners Need to Register Now to Comply with B.C.’s Regulation for Packaging & Printed Paper

Blue Recycle BinThe B.C. Provincial government has enacted a recycling policy, effective May 2014, for packaging and printed paper.  Multi-MultMaterials B.C. (MMBC), the non-profit entity formed to implement this policy, reports "the program shifts recycling costs from the consumer (through property taxes) to industry, making companies responsible for the waste they produce”.  The goal is to increase packaging recycling from a 50-57% to a 75% recovery rate.

The thinking behind this Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) policy is that by shifting the cost to the brand owner, there will be an incentive to reduce packaging and paper waste.

What you need to know is:

1.  This program shifts 100% of the B.C. residential end-of-life recycling/disposal costs to industry and their consumers.

2. If your business has sales of $1 million or more, or supplies at least 1 tonne of packaging and printed paper annually to B.C. residents, then you are a steward and subject to fees under this program.  If your business falls beneath this threshold but is part of a franchise operation, then you are also subject to fees.

3.  To date, MMBC is the only approved agency to manage this regulation. If your business is eligible under this program, registration with MMBC is mandatory, see MMBC Register.

5.  MMBC has extended the Voluntary Steward Registration deadline to February 20, 2015 with a reporting deadline of May 31, 2015.

6.   This program launched May 19, 2014 with the first quarterly payment due January 31st, 2015.


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