Packaging Safety – What You Need to Know

COVID-19 Update

The coronavirus has impacted how we view packaging, both from value and risk perspectives.

Bulk and over the counter foods have disappeared in grocery stores, replaced by packaged foods. Food companies are scrambling to move into e-commerce sales and direct home deliveries, all of which require packaging. Restaurants have gone to take out meals with curbside pick up, more packaging. The value of packaging and the crucial role it plays in delivering safe food to consumers is evident.

However, there has been concern over the possible transmission of the virus on the surface of the packaging. Videos have surfaced, showing consumers how to handle and clean their packaged foods at home.

To date, there is no evidence of people contracting the virus from food or packaging, according to Serious Seats. This comprehensive guide on food safety and the coronavirus gives a good overview of studies conducted in this regard.

Health Canada provides this guidance on the topic and also states there have been no cases of coronavirus transmission from food. There is no mention of washing packaging.

We hope this information gives you some stress relief in this challenging time.

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