Jamaican Packaging Study makes the News

As part of the Jamaican Capacity Building for Market Access Project, in 2016 the Bureau of Standards Jamaica engaged the services of Cheryl Sullivan Business Consultants to conduct a study on their packaging industry, make recommendations for packaging testing, and sensitize stakeholders on trends in packaging.

An article appeared in The Gleaner on June 25, 2017 reporting on the progress of the project to date.

"A significant project milestone was achieved in June 2016 with the hosting of three packaging seminars.  Facilitated by Canadian packaging expert, Cheryl Sullivan, stakeholders in the industry were sensitized on the key trends and issues impacting the global and local packaging industry.  More specifically, stakeholders received information on trends in the areas of product packaging, labeling and graphic design; product safety; product security; and consumer expectations."

Published Article on BSJ Support for Packaging Industry, June 2017



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